Dentures - crowns, bridges, dental implants and prostheses

A particularly important area of dentistry is dentures. Loss of a tooth can reduce chewability. The lack of several teeth can cause speech disorders, the face can come to mind, which can even lead to psychological problems.


Fixed dentures
Dental implant

A dental implant (also known as an implant or fixture) is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture.


If the crown of a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be built with conservative dental treatment methods (e.g., filling), a crown is made. The tooth crown is fixed on the tooth with the help of cement, the removal of which should only be done by the dentist.

Material: full metal ceramic crown, zirco, porcelain


The dentist uses bridges for patients who have small to medium-sized tooth gaps.

The gap-limiting teeth are used as abutment teeth, to which the dentist attaches the bridge, the pontics of which replace the patient's missing teeth. The dentist grinds the abutment teeth and glues the bridge.

Partial prosthesis
Model cast denture

This solution is always used in order to connect existing teeth with a prostheses. Small, hidden clamps are anchored to the last existing tooth on both sides ensuring additional stability.

Telescopic denture

This type of removable denture is applied on telescopic crowns ensuring the primary stability. 

The telescopic crown always consists of two parts: the primary crown part is put on the teeth, the secondary crown part is within the denture. A denture is replacing all the teeth and is being stabilized through the telescopic crowns.

Bar-supported denture

This option utilizes a thin bar that connects multiple implants; the denture is retained and supported by “snaps” on that bar. You would remove this denture to clean underneath, and it is very stable in your mouth when it snaps to place.

Locator denture

A complete denture with locator attachments is an appliance that replaces all of the teeth in one jaw. It is not cemented in the mouth and can be taken out. Locator Attachments are connected to dental implants that are placed in the jawbone. The Locator Attachments connect the Complete Denture to the implants. Generally, 2 implants and attachments are used for a lower jaw Complete Denture, and 4 implants and attachments are used for an upper jaw Complete Denture.


Auch bei der Geschiebeprothese handelt es sich um eine Form des kombinierten Zahnersatzes. Der herausnehmbare Teil besteht, wie bei allen bisherigen Varianten der Teilprothese, aus einer Kunststoffbasis, auf der die künstlichen Zähne ruhen.

Als fest verankerte Stützelemente dienen auch hier entweder über Grunde natürliche Zähne oder Implantate. Die künstliche Krone verfügt dabei über eine spezielle Konstruktion aus Matrize und Patrize, die perfekt ineinanderpassen.

Full denture
Full denture

The dentist uses them for toothless patients. It is made of plastic and holds onto the jaw via suction. If implant treatment is out of the question, it is the only way of restoring the toothless jawbone.


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